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Trains Villarrobledo

Cheap train tickets to Villarrobledo

Route Price
Trains Albacete to Villarrobledo 3,95 €
Trains Madrid to Villarrobledo 6,85 €
Trains Valencia to Villarrobledo 12,50 €
Trains Barcelona to Villarrobledo 28,80 €
Trains Socuéllamos to Villarrobledo 1,40 €
Trains Almansa to Villarrobledo 11,70 €
Trains Córdoba to Villarrobledo 10,80 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Intercity 29/10/2019
  • Renfe Intercity 28/10/2019
  • Renfe Intercity 21/10/2019
  • Renfe Talgo 18/11/2019
  • Renfe Regional Expres 07/10/2019
  • Renfe Intercity 22/10/2019
  • Renfe Talgo 14/12/2019
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More information about trains Villarrobledo

To travel to Villarrobledo, in Albacete, choose the train, which combines cheap prices, punctual arrival and departure times and comfort.

The Villarrobledo train station was inaugurated in 1925 and it is located in Plaza de la Estación, S/N, it is not a very central railway station, but you can reach the centre of Villarrobledo within minutes. It is opened from 06.45, the first train to stop at that station does at 4:53 h, and it belongs to the line Albacete - Villarrobledo.

The station closes at 22.00, having received its last train at 20:34 h, which carries out the route Manzanares a Villarrobledo. A fundamental visit in Villarrobledo is the Plaza Ramón y Cajal or Plaza Viaje, where we find most of the historical and architectural heritage of Villarrobledo, being it also a historical-artistic complex, for being surrounded by two emblematic buildings which are, also, National Monuments: the Consistorial House and the Parish Church of San Blas.

The building of the society del Círculo Mercantil is considered a "Bien de Interés Cultural" (it means Good of Cultural Interest which is a category of the heritage register in Spain), created at the beginning of the twentieth century and it is a sample of post-modern civil architecture.

Villarrobledo being in Castilla La Mancha, there must be mills, and there are, both windmills and water-powered mills.

In addition, in Villarrobledo we will see other architectures such as the Church of San Esteban, the Cistercian monastery of San Bernardo, the Casas Solariegas, the sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad and the cloistered female convent of the Clarisas.

On our train trip to Villarrobledo we will also enjoy the parks and gardens of this village, for example, the Municipal Gardens, the Park of Joaquín Acacio, the Park of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad, the Park of Barrio de Socuéllamos, the Park and the Monument of the stone water filter and the Park of Juan Valero- San Antón.

Travellers coming from Socuéllamos are the ones who are closer to the station of Villarrobledo on their travels, at a distance of 15.4 Km between Socuéllamos and Villarrobledo. Those that come from Barcelona are the most distant to arrive by train to Villarrobledo, at 466.1 Km between Barcelona and Villarrobledo.

The lowest price to travel by train to Villarrobledo is for the route Socuéllamos to Villarrobledo, for only 1,40 € we sell the train tickets Socuéllamos to Villarrobledo.

The highest price to travel by train to Villarrobledo is for the route Barcelona to Villarrobledo.

We will save on the routes towards Villarrobledo whenever we travel on REG.EXP. trains, because these are cheaper, nonetheless, the Talgo trains, are the trains whose journey to Villarrobledo can reach the 69,10 €.

None of the routes, schedules, types of trains, etc. to Villarrobledo exceed the price of 69,10 €, and we can get to travel by train to Villarrobledo from 1,40 €.

If you can, plan your train travel to Villarrobledo in the time slot in the mañana, because it results cheaper to travel in the mañana than in the mañana, being at 7:18 h the most affordable arrival time at the train station of Villarrobledo, and at 15:21 h the least affordable arrival time to Villarrobledo, but the price will never exceed the 69,10 € on your train tickets to Villarrobledo.

The tourists that visit more often Villarrobledo by train are those who book the trains Albacete to Villarrobledo, and they do for an average of 9,81 €, although if you do the route Albacete - Villarrobledo on the Intercity train that departs at 8:03 h from the train station of Albacete and at 8:33 h it arrives at the train station in Villarrobledo, the train passengers Albacete to Villarrobledo only pay on our website 3,95 € and in 30 minutes seated and without effort, they cross some of the 71 Km from Albacete to Villarrobledo.

So you already know, for prices between 1,40 € and 69,10 € you can travel by train to Villarrobledo and not miss its tourist routes, which include the routes related to oenology, with Don Quixote and the Camino de Santiago.


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