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Check Train schedules Calañas to Zafra

If you want to check the Calañas Zafra train schedules for a specific day, enter the train departure date from Calañas and we will give you the schedules.

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Media Distancia Calañas Zafra

Salida primer tren 12:04 h
Salida último tren 12:04 h
Duración media 2 hours 16 minutes
Distancia 94 Km
Precio medio 12,00 €
Tipo tren Media Distancia
Origen Calañas
Destino Zafra
In addition to checking the schedules in general in, we also offer the possibility of checking the schedules for the train from Calañas to Zafra for a specific day, but the best thing is that we offer you the possibility to buy your train tickets at the best price regardless of the schedule you choose. In, we have our own algorithm that calculates the best prices within all the rates and classes of all the railway suppliers for the route from Calañas - Zafra and thus we make sure to offer you the cheapest price for your train ticket. To buy Calañas to Zafra train tickets from 9,00 €

Train schedules from Calañas to Zafra

There is only one Calañas Zafra train that runs, this train leaves at 12:04 h from the Calañas station and arrives at 14:20 h at the Zafra station.

If you want to check the departure times from Zafra to Calañas, that is, of the reverse path, just click on the following link Train Timetables Zafra to Calañas.

  • Train Departure Arrival Length: Station of origin Station of destination
  • Media Distancia 17907 12:04 h 14:20 h 2 hours 16 minutes Calañas Zafra

The Media Distancia 17907 train, which is the only train that runs between Calañas and Zafra, travels the 94 Km that separate Calañas and Zafra in 2 hours 16 minutes. The average speed of this Media Distancia 17907 train is of 41 km/h.


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