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Trains Teruel

Cheap train tickets to Teruel

Route Price
Trains Zaragoza to Teruel 9,20 €
Trains Calamocha to Teruel 5,65 €
Trains Valencia to Teruel 11,20 €
Trains Sagunto to Teruel 9,00 €
Trains Cella to Teruel 2,10 €
Trains Segorbe to Teruel 11,50 €
Trains Elda to Teruel 32,85 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Regional 21/12/2020
  • Renfe Regional 19/12/2020
  • Renfe Media Distancia 21/12/2020
  • Renfe Media Distancia 23/12/2020
  • Renfe Regional 19/12/2020
  • Renfe Media Distancia 19/12/2020
  • Renfe Media Distancia 06/12/2019
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More about the trains to Teruel

Teruel   Albarracin

Teruel, located in the south of Aragón, is an ideal destination to spend the next vacation or to make a trip by train, because this city has a lot of tourist attractions, such as its wonderful Mudejar architecture or the cultural, scientific and leisure park Territorio Dinópolis, where children can have their first contact with the world of dinosaurs.

The best way to enjoy Teruel as a tourist destination is to travel there by train, with this means of transport the journey is done comfortably and safely.

Teruel has direct train connections with the cities of Valencia, Zaragoza, Huesca and Cartagena, there are numerous trains to travel to the city, such as Zaragoza Teruel trains, Valencia Teruel trains, Sagunto Teruel trains, Alicante Teruel trains, Trains Cella Teruel, trains Calamocha Teruel, trains Cartagena Teruel or trains Segorbe Teruel, among others.

All these trains make departures and arrivals from the railway station of Teruel, located to the west of the urban centre of the city. The building is more than a century old, it has a rectangular floor and two heights with four slopes roof that cover the structure. This railway station has two platforms, several tracks without platforms, warehouses, garages and buildings adjacent to the building. As for as services for travellers are concern, there is a waiting room, toilets, information point and parking.

Of all the train options to travel to the city of Teruel, the most successful train trips to Teruel, both due to its influx of passengers and its many daily departures of trains, are:

Zaragoza Teruel Trains: This train journey begins with the departure from Zaragoza Delicias train station, this route between the cities of Zaragoza and Teruel can be travelled by both Medium Distance trains and Regional trains. The medium distance train runs through the 146 kilometres that separate both cities in the shortest time possible, specifically the journey has an average duration of 2 hours and 26 minutes, while regional trains take around 2 hours and 47 minutes to finish the route.

Not only are there departures from Zaragoza Delicias station, there are also departures from Zaragoza Miraflores train station, Zaragoza Goya train station and Zaragoza Portillo train station..

Valencia Teruel Trains: In this case, the route starts from the Estación del Norte of Valencia, the main railway station of the city, and it can also be done from the Valencia Cabanyal train station. These trains are responsible for traveling the 115 kilometres that separate both cities. The average journey time on the Teruel Valencia trains is 2 hours and 47 minutes, although this time can vary between 2 hours and 39 minutes and 3 hours and 14 minutes.

Alicante Teruel Trains: If you are traveling on one of the Alicante Teruel trains, the departure is from the Alicante - Terminal Station, also known as Alicante - Término Station, which is the main railway station in the city. The best way to travel on the Alicante - Teruel trains is in a Medium Distance train, these trains cover the 228 kilometres that separate both cities in an average time of 4 hours and 59 minutes. There are trips on direct trains between Alicante and Teruel and trips with change in the station of Valencia Joaquin Sorolla.

Arriving by train to Teruel and enjoying its artistic and cultural heritage, as well as its gastronomy, is a luxury within reach of all pockets.

Teruel   Albarracin2

The Mudejar art of Teruel is very important, the whole city is one of the greatest examples of Mudejar Aragonese and Spanish art, and in 1986 it was declared a World Heritage Site.

Catedral de Teruel

The Cathedral of Teruel is one of the essential visits when traveling by train to Teruel, it is located in the Plaza Catedral de Teruel and it was built on the old parish of Santa Maria de Mediavilla. It possesses a Mudejar tower of an incredible beauty, we could mainly emphasize the Romanesque and Gothic elements that it possesses, besides an Islamic decoration of great beauty. The Cathedral was declared National Monument already in the year 1931.

Another almost obligatory visit when travelling to the city of Teruel is the Tower of San Pedro Church, which is part of the Conjunto Amante, which is a space enabled as a museum, we can also find the Mausoleum of Lovers, very recommended to visit too. In this church two mummies were found who were attributed to the lovers.

If you are travelling to Teruel, it is also advisable to visit the Provincial Archaeological Museum. In that museum, they do research, preservation and dissemination of all the cultural heritage of the city of Teruel, of course visiting this museum is the best way to know the history of this city.

Dinópolis is also one of the essential visits, especially if you travel to Teruel with children, nevertheless, it is enjoyed by people in all ages. This paleontological park belongs to the whole Territory Dinópolis, formed by diverse centres distributed by the province, the one of Teruel is the greater one of them all. During the visit you can enjoy the museum and various attractions, all of course around the world of dinosaurs.

Tourists who are looking for a quiet place but full of places to visit will find this and much more on their train trip to Teruel, a city to visit at all times of the year, but if you are looking for a trip with even more activities and atmosphere , it is advisable to book the train tickets to Teruel to attend the local festival, the “Fiestas del Ángel” held in the first two weeks of July.


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