General information - Specialists in the sale of train tickets is an online travel agency specializing in the sale of train tickets. The website belongs to the company Online Travel Solutions, S.L. This company was born specifically to give life to the project, created by a group of computer experts with its own development and specialists in the tourism and railway sector.

The website was created to meet several objectives, the first and main goal is to offer customers the cheapest train tickets possible, this is why the group of computer experts together with the team leader have developed an algorithm of their own in order to be able to provide the best prices and offers.

The second is usability, it is very important that anyone, both users with more advanced computer level and users with a lower level in computer science can benefit from lower prices on train tickets.

The third pillar is comfort, as soon as they make a purchase at they will have an account with their active and available tickets so that they can print them at any time, a billing panel for freelancers and companies where they will always have a history of invoices where they can consult and download all the invoices of their purchases.

Finally, and most importantly, is that always works for the customer, incorporating the latest technologies and innovating every day so that customers always have the best tools to be able to enjoy the best prices and benefits when they buy their train tickets.