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Trains Pamplona

Cheap train tickets to Pamplona

Route Price
Trains Madrid to Pamplona 21,05 €
Trains Barcelona to Pamplona 36,50 €
Trains Tudela De Navarra to Pamplona 9,15 €
Trains Vitoria Gasteiz to Pamplona 6,30 €
Trains Saint Sebastian to Pamplona 16,50 €
Trains Burgos to Pamplona 19,00 €
Trains Zaragoza to Pamplona 9,50 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Alvia 01/01/2021
  • Renfe Alvia 20/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 22/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 19/12/2020
  • Renfe Alvia 21/12/2020
  • Renfe Alvia 14/01/2021
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 21/12/2020
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More information about trains Pamplona

The trains to Pamplona, or Trenes Iruña as we would say in Basque, is a Spanish city capital of the Foral Community of Navarra and it is located in the northern part of Spain, on the banks of the river Arga. The city enjoys a pleasant climate with hot summers, cool winters and regular rainfall.

The train station of Pamplona, formerly called Estación del Norte, was inaugurated in 1860 and it is located in Plaza de la Estación, west of the city centre. The first train arrives every day from La Coruña at 8:32 h. While the last train arrives every day at 22:40 h proveniente from Vigo.

Check our travel search engine, where you can find train tickets to Pamplona from just 2,50 €. We recommend you to travel by train to Pamplona during the time slot in the mañana, because you will find cheaper tickets than if you travel in the mañana.

Visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria with neoclassical fassade and its Gothic interior, with the second largest bell in use of Spain. Walk along the Citadel, the greenbelt of the city of Pamplona and admire its pavilions, moats, bastions and fortifications. Go for a stroll in the Yamaguchi Park, a Japanese garden that pays homage to the four seasons of the year and which has the name of the Japanese city with which Pamplona is linked. Book now your train ticket to Pamplona on our website, where you will find the best prices, with trips to the capital of Navarra from the cheap price of 2,50 €.

The most affordable route to travel by train to Pamplona costs from 2,50 € and leaves from the station of Tafalla on a train of the REG.EXP. type that reaches the destination station at 8:32 h. On the other hand, the route Barcelona - Pamplona is the least accessible one if you are travelling on a train of the Alvia type that reaches the station of the capital in Navarra at 13:15 h, in this case, you will never pay more than 72,90 €, so it is still a cheap trip.

The best time of the year to travel to Pamplona is in the summer, more specifically from the 7th to 14th of July, when they celebrate the "Sanfermines", one of the best known celebrations in Spain and in the whole world thanks to Ernest Hemingway and his novel "Fiesta" (The Sun Also Rises in English). The most famous event is the "encierro", or the running of the bulls, which consists in hundreds of people running in front of bulls down an 825-metre stretch of narrow streets which ends in the bullring of Pamplona. These "encierros" happen every morning during the festivity, and the bulls that run in the "encierro" will be involved in a bullfighting that afternoon in the bullring. The Sanfermines are a unique experience that you can not miss, whether you live in Tafalla or you come from Vigo which is at 581.6 Km of distance. Buy now your train ticket to enjoy this festivity with so much tradition, on our website you will find train tickets to Pamplona from 2,50 €.

The railway route that brings the most passengers to Pamplona is the one that leaves from the station in Madrid, for an average price per ticket of 51,37 €.

If you want to travel the 316 Km that separates Madrid from the capital in Navarra on a train of the Alvia type that arrives at the station at 22:40 h and that it takes 3 hours 5 minutes to make the route it will only cost 21,05 €. If you prefer to do this same route on a Alvia train which takes 3 hours 5 minutes to arrive at the destination station, you will never pay more than 72,20 € for your train ticket.

Visit now our website and book your train tickets to get to know these festivities that fascinated and inspired a novel by Ernest Hemingway. We offer you the best prices on the whole market. Travel to Pamplona to the Sanfermines, or whenever you want, from 2,50 €.


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