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Trains Onteniente to Albaida

Train Onteniente to Albaida

More and more tourists opt for booking their train seats to travel from Onteniente to Albaida. A train that is very successful among the passengers is the one that joins Ontinyent / Onteniente and Albaida in only 11 minutes, being the average time for this journey 11 minutes. We keep our word: your train tickets Onteniente - Albaida will never cost you more than 1,95 €. Trains Albaida with Regional for only 1,15 €.

In any case, you have to know that the train that takes the most time to finish the trip to Albaida is the one departing from Ontinyent / Onteniente at 15:45 h and that arrives at the station of Albaida at 15:56 h. So it uses 11 minutes to reach its destination. We lead the best prices on train tickets Onteniente - Albaida. Also for the return, Trains Albaida to Onteniente.

The most important thing for us is that you travel at ease and if you can pay less for your train ticket Onteniente Albaida and we are sure that your final feeling will be more than satisfactory. In this way we recommend you look at the trains that leave from the station of Ontinyent / Onteniente in the evening, because you will get the best prices for your tickets. We can even assure you that within that timetable it is the train that leaves at 15:45 h the one which is cheaper to make the route Onteniente Albaida. If in your case you can not change the departure time of your trip because you need to be in Albaida at a specified time that doesn’t allow you to get a ticket in the evening time slot, don’t worry! Get used to the amenities of the train seats to Albaida from 1,15 €. The train timetables for trains from Onteniente to Albaida on Train Timetables Onteniente to Albaida.

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Trains Onteniente to Albaida

Distance: 8 Km
Average length: 11 minutes
Average speed: 43.6 km/h
Price of the cheapest ticket: 1,15 €
Average ticket price: 1,83 €
Price of the expensive ticket: 1,95 €

The cheapest train ticket Onteniente to Albaida

The search for the train ticket from Onteniente to Albaida with the cheapest price was made on the a las h, it is a Regional train with departure on the 26/07/2021 a las 6:39 h and arrival on the 26/07/2021 a las 6:50 h. The price of the cheapest ticket has been 1,15 € and the cheapest rate with which this price has been possible has been the rate Niño Ida .

Cheap train tickets Onteniente to Albaida

  • Origin Destination Train Date Price
  • Ontinyent / Onteniente Albaida Regional 26/07/2021 1,15 €
  • Ontinyent / Onteniente Albaida Regional 22/07/2021 1,95 €

Trains from Onteniente to Albaida, stations, prices and schedules

Enlarge map Trains Onteniente to Albaida Another way so that our ticket costs us a little less is to opt for a seat in a train type Regional which are the most economical trains for this route. If you can also choose a ticket in Turista class you will be choosing the class ticket that costs less, on the other hand, tickets in Turista class have got higher rates. Addicted to cheap travel? Here we give you the best price for your train tickets Onteniente - Albaida.

We are convinced that within the varied offer of trains that make the route Onteniente Albaida you’ll find one that fits, since you can choose from the first train that leaves from Ontinyent / Onteniente towards Albaida at 6:39 h until the last one that arrives in Albaida at 15:56 h. So the last train departure to Albaida leaves from Ontinyent / Onteniente at 15:45 h. We love taking care of your pocket, so before booking your train tickets Onteniente - Albaida... Check the prices on!

At last, but not least, you should consider the route for our train ticket Onteniente Albaida. Then the route for ida is the most inexpensive. We have the best deals to travel between Onteniente and Albaida.

Information about the train journey from Onteniente to Albaida

If you have doubts or questions about your train trip from Onteniente to Albaida, we have prepared a list of questions that our clients usually ask us.

If I buy train tickets from Onteniente to Albaida, do I have to print the tickets?
It is not necessary, we will send you the tickets both to your email and to your mobile phone so that you can travel without problems just by showing your mobile phone. We recommend, if you have the possibility to print them, that you do so in case you have problems with the coverage or with the battery of your mobile phone.
How far in advance do I have to be at the Onteniente station?
Normally we recommend that you be at the train station 30 minutes before the train's departure to go with tranquility and comfort.
What is the duration of the train trip from Onteniente to Albaida?
The duration of the train journey between Onteniente and Albaida will depend on its stops. Normally the average duration of the trip is 11 minutes , there is usually not much time difference between trains, it will depend on the stops you have to make in other stations.
How fast do trains travel from Onteniente to Albaida?
Trains going from Onteniente to Albaida travel at an average speed of 43.6 km/h, although at times they can reach much higher maximum speeds.
When does the first train depart from Onteniente to Albaida?
Normally, the first train leaves Onteniente at 6:39 h and arrives at Albaida at 6:50 h. The schedule for the first train may change for holidays or weekends.
What is the price of the trains from Onteniente to Albaida?
Train prices from Onteniente to Albaida can vary greatly, from 1,15 € to 1,95 € . The most important thing, if you are looking for the cheapest ticket, is that you buy it as far in advance as possible , this way you will get the best offers and prices. The price also changes depending on the rate or the class and schedule you choose.
Is there a direct train from Onteniente to Albaida or will I have to change?
There are direct trains from Onteniente to Albaida, so normally you will not need to change on your journey. You can go from Onteniente to Albaida by train directly without getting off the train or changing stations.
Can I change or cancel my train tickets from Onteniente to Albaida?
There are two options, there are tickets that, if they allow changes and cancellations and others do not, these are usually cheaper. It is very important that you choose the rate that suits you best at the time of purchase.
How far does the train travel from Onteniente to Albaida?
Trains traveling from Onteniente to Albaida cover a distance of approximately 8 Km and the average duration of the train journey is 11 minutes.
When is the last train from Onteniente to Albaida?
Normally, the last train that can be taken leaves from Onteniente at 15:45 h and arrives at Albaida at 15:56 h . The last train schedule may change for holidays or weekends.


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