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Children under 4 years of age who do not occupy a seat - They travel for free
Children under the age of 4 who do not wish to occupy a place, therefore they will not be entitled to a seat, they can travel without a ticket accompanied by an adult.
Children under the age of 4 who occupy a seat
Children under the age of 4 will also have the possibility of occupying a seat, therefore having a seat with the ticket means that it will not be for free but it will get a discount for children.
Children under the age of 12
Children under the age of 12 will get discounts on their tickets and cheaper train tickets, discounts are usually 40% of the basic fare of the ticket.
Children 12 or 13 years old
Children of 12 or 13 years will get discounts on their tickets and cheaper train tickets, discounts are usually 40% of the basic fare of the ticket.

Train tickets Guadix

Cheaper trains from Guadix

Route Railway Operator Train Date Price
Train Guadix to Madrid Renfe Talgo 30/12/2019 12,50 €
Train Guadix to Almeria Renfe Talgo 08/01/2020 6,20 €
Train Guadix to Granada Renfe Media Distancia 12/12/2019 5,90 €
Train Guadix to Seville Renfe Media Distancia 20/12/2019 36,55 €
Train Guadix to Madrid Atocha Cercanias Renfe Talgo 30/12/2019 23,00 €
Train Guadix to Linares Renfe Talgo 04/01/2020 7,35 €
Train Guadix to Alcazar de San Juan Renfe Talgo 13/12/2019 24,20 €
Train Guadix to Madrid Chamartin Renfe Talgo 25/12/2019 14,55 €
Train Guadix to Osuna Renfe Media Distancia 16/12/2018 28,10 €
Train Guadix to Jódar Renfe Media Distancia 29/11/2019 11,50 €
Train Guadix to Antequera Renfe Media Distancia 20/05/2019 12,50 €
Train Guadix to Benalúa de Guadix Renfe Media Distancia 19/08/2019 1,55 €
Train Guadix to Cabra del Santo Cristo Renfe Media Distancia 19/04/2019 3,75 €
Train Guadix to Dos Hermanas Renfe Media Distancia 10/12/2019 35,30 €
Train Guadix to Fiñana Renfe Media Distancia 27/09/2019 3,15 €
Train Guadix to Gádor Renfe Media Distancia 04/05/2019 9,85 €
Train Guadix to Gérgal Renfe Media Distancia 23/06/2019 6,25 €
Train Guadix to Iznalloz Renfe Media Distancia 22/03/2019 3,75 €
Train Guadix to Loja San Francisco Renfe Media Distancia 24/10/2018 14,50 €
Train Guadix to Manzanares Renfe Talgo 04/11/2019 17,60 €
Train Guadix to Marchena Renfe Media Distancia 06/09/2019 31,20 €
Train Guadix to Moreda Renfe Media Distancia 03/08/2018 3,65 €
Train Guadix to Pedrera Renfe Media Distancia 27/10/2019 27,00 €
Train Guadix to Seville San Bernardo Renfe Media Distancia 17/11/2019 36,55 €
Train Guadix to Valdepeñas Renfe Talgo 12/06/2019 13,70 €
Train Guadix to Vilches Renfe Talgo 06/08/2019 13,45 €
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