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Children under 4 years of age who do not occupy a seat - They travel for free
Children under the age of 4 who do not wish to occupy a place, therefore they will not be entitled to a seat, they can travel without a ticket accompanied by an adult.
Children under the age of 4 who occupy a seat
Children under the age of 4 will also have the possibility of occupying a seat, therefore having a seat with the ticket means that it will not be for free but it will get a discount for children.
Children under the age of 12
Children under the age of 12 will get discounts on their tickets and cheaper train tickets, discounts are usually 40% of the basic fare of the ticket.
Children 12 or 13 years old
Children of 12 or 13 years will get discounts on their tickets and cheaper train tickets, discounts are usually 40% of the basic fare of the ticket.

Train tickets Espelúy

Cheaper trains from Espelúy

Route Railway Operator Train Date Price
Train Espelúy to Barcelona Renfe Torre Oro 30/12/2020 46,30 €
Train Espelúy to Valencia Renfe Torre Oro 26/12/2020 49,80 €
Train Espelúy to Valencia Nord Renfe Torre Oro 03/01/2021 49,80 €
Train Espelúy to Salou Renfe Talgo 11/11/2019 35,15 €
Train Espelúy to Dos Hermanas Renfe Media Distancia 26/12/2020 27,00 €
Train Espelúy to Jaén Renfe Media Distancia 08/12/2020 5,25 €
Train Espelúy to Albacete Renfe Torre Oro 09/12/2020 35,90 €
Train Espelúy to Alcazar de San Juan Renfe TORRE ORO 06/12/2020 14,95 €
Train Espelúy to Andújar Renfe Media Distancia 25/10/2020 3,80 €
Train Espelúy to Barcelona Estació De França Renfe Talgo 06/09/2019 60,50 €
Train Espelúy to Barcelona Sants Renfe Torre Oro 24/12/2020 61,70 €
Train Espelúy to Benicarló Renfe Torre Oro 03/09/2020 42,25 €
Train Espelúy to Cadiz Renfe Media Distancia 25/10/2020 22,60 €
Train Espelúy to Cadiz Stadium Renfe Media Distancia 31/07/2017 21,85 €
Train Espelúy to Castellón Renfe Torre Oro 16/10/2020 24,25 €
Train Espelúy to Córdoba Renfe Torre Oro 10/12/2020 13,50 €
Train Espelúy to Xativa Renfe Torre Oro 10/08/2020 34,75 €
Train Espelúy to Jerez De La Frontera Renfe Media Distancia 16/12/2020 34,10 €
Train Espelúy to L'Aldea Renfe Talgo 23/04/2019 34,40 €
Train Espelúy to Las Cabezas De San Juan Renfe Media Distancia 04/08/2019 18,70 €
Train Espelúy to Lebrija Renfe Media Distancia 02/04/2019 19,70 €
Train Espelúy to Linares Renfe Torre Oro 13/10/2020 12,10 €
Train Espelúy to Lora del Río Renfe Media Distancia 20/09/2020 18,70 €
Train Espelúy to Manzanares Renfe Talgo 06/12/2019 12,65 €
Train Espelúy to Palma del Río Renfe Media Distancia 20/07/2020 16,65 €
Train Espelúy to Peñaflor Renfe Media Distancia 25/01/2019 16,65 €
Train Espelúy to Posadas Renfe Media Distancia 01/09/2020 8,40 €
Train Espelúy to Port of Santa Maria Renfe Media Distancia 02/11/2020 35,30 €
Train Espelúy to Puerto Real Renfe Media Distancia 28/02/2020 35,30 €
Train Espelúy to San Fernando South Bay Renfe Media Distancia 31/08/2020 36,55 €
Train Espelúy to Segunda Aguada Renfe Media Distancia 08/07/2017 21,85 €
Train Espelúy to Seville San Bernardo Renfe Media Distancia 05/11/2020 24,95 €
Train Espelúy to Seville Renfe Torre Oro 14/11/2020 20,65 €
Train Espelúy to Socuéllamos Renfe Talgo 08/07/2017 19,65 €
Train Espelúy to Utrera Renfe Media Distancia 20/01/2020 29,10 €
Train Espelúy to Valdepeñas Renfe Torre Oro 10/08/2020 17,35 €
Train Espelúy to Vilanova i la Geltrú Renfe Talgo 18/04/2020 24,10 €
Train Espelúy to Vilches Renfe Talgo 08/07/2017 9,45 €
Train Espelúy to Villa del Rio Renfe Media Distancia 29/12/2019 3,75 €
Train Espelúy to Villarrobledo Renfe Torre Oro 18/08/2020 22,45 €
Train Espelúy to Vinaròs Renfe Torre Oro 01/11/2020 42,60 €
Train Espelúy to Tarragona Renfe Torre Oro 11/01/2021 44,95 €
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