1. How can I buy train tickets on Trenes.com?

To buy train tickets in Trenes.com is very simple:
- Select the type of train you want to travel in: Trains, AVE trains or International trains.
- Select if you want a one way or a return ticket.
- Select the origin and destination stations.
- Select the dates you want to travel.
- Finally press the Search button

Hereon, the machinery of Trenes.com is put to work in order to offer you the best price combinations with which to travel. We consider different combinations with all fares in order to be able to offer you the cheapest train ticket.

We recommend the use of time filters so that you can easily find the times you want to travel.

Once you have chosen the train, you must register and fill in your personal details, just register once and you will have access to your control panel where you can view your tickets and receipts if you want.

Remember that it is very important that you enter the passenger information correctly as it appears in the national identity document or passport.

You can then choose if you want a cancellation insurance in case there is any major setback that causes you not to be able to travel.

Then you can choose the most convenient way of payment.

You must accept the "general conditions" and click on the 'Pay' button.

Once you have done all this there will appear a screen from where you can immediately print your ticket or tickets and the receipt, as long as it has been requested. In the same way, you will receive an email with the train ticket or tickets and the receipt, in case you have requested it. In addition, your tickets and receipts will be available in your control panel.

2. Can I select the seats?

It is not possible to select seats in wagons, but the system is prepared to allocate seats in a corresponding way in the same reservation, therefore passengers will travel in contiguous seats as long as availability permits it, which normally does.

3. What documents do you have to take to travel by train?

You must carry the printed ticket with the locator, which will arrive by email once the payment has been made, in addition to the ID or passport. In any case, you can still find your tickets in your Trenes.com account so you can print them whenever you want.

4. How many bags and luggage can I take when travelling by train?

Each passenger who has a ticket may carry, under his responsibility and custody, a maximum of three hand luggage or suitcases, whose dimensions do not exceed the 290 cm in size (calculating the three bags together and its high + length + width) and the total weight cannot exceed the 25 Kg.

Travellers must place their luggage and suitcases in the designated areas. Neither Trenes.com nor the railway operator will be responsible for any incidents, theft, lost luggage or damages due to improper storage, improper handling or unsuitable contents of the suitcase.

5. How far in advance should I arrive at the train station?

In order to facilitate access to the train and to ensure maximum security it is recommended to arrive 15 minutes before to the checkpoint that gives access to the train, the checkpoint will be closed 2 minutes before the departure of the train.

6. Why is it not possible to buy a train ticket beyond 62 days?

Train tickets usually go on sale 62 days before the date of departure and, in some cases, such as the Madrid Barcelona and Barcelona Madrid trains, the train tickets go on sale up to 180 days in advance.

7. Are there special price fares for babies and children?

Children under the age of 4 who do not wish to occupy a seat will travel for free, but therefore they will not be entitled to a seat, they can travel without a ticket accompanied by an adult. There is also the possibility for them to occupy a seat. Therefore, they will have a seat on the ticket issued, this ticket will not be for free but will have a discount for children that is usually of the 40% of the price of the ticket base fare.

Children under the age of 14 will get discounts on their tickets and cheaper train tickets, discounts are usually 40% of the basic fare of the ticket.

8. Can we carry a buggy if we are travelling with a baby?

Yes, no problem. You can travel with a buggy for free, provided that when we access the train we fold it properly and place it correctly. If we wish we can pay an extra ticket for it to occupy a spot.

9. What payment methods are available on Trenes.com?

Trenes.com has three payment methods to book, buy and finally pay for your train tickets: Debit or credit card and Sofort.

10. What kind of trains can you book on Trenes.com?

On Trenes.com you can book and buy all types of medium and long distance train tickets, as well as high speed AVE trains and international trains, however you will not be able to buy suburban train tickets.

11. What happens if I lose my train ticket?

It is absolutely necessary that you have the train ticket printed with the locator to be able to access the train. You can access your customer area at Trenes.com and reprint your ticket in "My tickets". Make sure you select the ticket with the correct dates and times so that you can show it at the station.

12. Can we modify or cancel our train tickets?

Train tickets issued at Trenes.com can only be cancelled through our agency.

On-line cancellations from the customer's control panel:

You have 20 hours from the moment of issue or up to 50 minutes (always within these first 20 hours) before the departure of the train to cancel any ticket, in this case the total amount of the tickets will be refunded. Under no circumstances will the tickets issuing costs be refunded.

After these 20 hours you can only cancel the tickets whose fare allows the cancellation up to 50 minutes before the departure of the train with the conditions according to the chosen fare. You can cancel the tickets by logging in to "My Account" by clicking on the Cancellations button or entering through the mail sent with your tickets.

Cancellations or changes Off-line:

In case of having a ticket that you can cancel or change, you must request it through the "contact" form indicating the cancellation. Your request must be sent at least 24 hours counting only the working days before the departure of the train.

13. Can you bring animals on the train?

It is not possible, since we only work with the cheapest prices and fares and these do not have the option to bring animals.

14. Can you carry a bicycle on the train?

It is not possible, Trenes.com can only issue train tickets for passengers, in this case bicycles are considered a special transport.

15. Can I change the train seat number?

It is not possible, since the seats are allocated contiguously and automatically at the time of booking and the ticket is issued and the traveller must seat in the allocated place.

16. The Renfe website indicates that the reservation locator does not exist. What's going on?

There is no problem, it is because you have booked the ticket through Trenes.com. To travel you must print the ticket with the locator that was sent to you per email which you can also find in your customer control panel and you can show it directly on the train in the wagon and seat which are indicated in the ticket.

17. Do large families or pensioners get reductions on the price of train tickets?

Trenes.com works directly with the cheapest and most affordable fares and these discounts cannot be applied.

18. Is it reliable to buy train tickets at Trenes.com?

Trenes.com is really reliable, we have the latest https security protocols. And more than 400,000 customers since our opening in 2014 are proof of this. We have our own algorithm that offers the best prices and fares on the tickets according to the times and dates selected. We work with the main railway operators on the market like Renfe and we issue official tickets thanks to the agreements with the railway companies.