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Trains Cartagena

Cheap train tickets to Cartagena

Route Price
Trains Madrid to Cartagena 15,40 €
Trains Alicante to Cartagena 10,00 €
Trains Murcia to Cartagena 3,40 €
Trains Barcelona to Cartagena 29,30 €
Trains Balsicas to Cartagena 1,75 €
Trains Valencia to Cartagena 20,45 €
Trains Tarragona to Cartagena 16,60 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Altaria 02/10/2019
  • Renfe Media Distancia 19/09/2019
  • Renfe Regional 04/09/2019
  • Renfe Talgo 18/09/2019
  • Renfe Regional 17/09/2019
  • Renfe Media Distancia 20/09/2019
  • Renfe Talgo 26/09/2019
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More information about trains Cartagena

Cartagena offers in every corner of its city monumental remains that show its great historical past; the greatest exponent and symbol of the city is the Roman Theatre. A funny and curious fact is that this Roman theatre we are talking about was discovered in 1990 by accident.

The Punic wall also attracts many tourists to Cartagena. Cartagena has the interpretation centre of the Punic wall, which was discovered in 1989, it is a fortification with two parallel walls that are separated by 6 meters of distance. Another interesting place to visit is the Municipal Archaeological museum, centre of all the archaeological activities of Cartagena, which is located on a necropolis.

Cartagena is very well connected with its train services with the main Spanish cities, the closest one, only at 16.0 Km there is Torre Pacheco and the farthest one at 498.3 Km, which corresponds to Barcelona. The station of Cartagena is in Plaza de México nº 2, is modernist in style, and has the traditional U-shaped terminal stations, with two floors. Its main entrance is decorated with modernist and ceramic elements.

The first train to stop at the train station in Cartagena comes from Albacete and it does at 0:21 h, the station of Cartagena continues with its services of departures and arrivals of trains, until 23:45 h when the last train that stops in Cartagena arrives, which comes from Tarragona.

Only on our website you will find train travels to Cartagena from 1,25 €, up to only 76,10 € at most, a bargain price for the most comfortable trips to Cartagena, and its train station is central and well connected.

If you can, travel to Cartagena on Regional trains because apart from its comfort, they are the cheapest ones, and try not to travel on Talgo trains, for being the most expensive, however, their comfort and punctuality are 100% sure. It's also preferable to start the train trip to Cartagena in the mañana schedule and not in the tarde, because in the tarde we find prices for 76,10 €, however in the mañana we will find them for about 1,25 €.

At best, as far as saving on the price of train tickets to Cartagena is concerned, we are going to travel from Torre Pacheco to Cartagena on one of the Regional trains and we will reach at 8:35 h the station of Cartagena. On the other hand, leaving from Barcelona on a Talgo train heading Cartagena, which appears at its destination station at 22:55 h, will have a price of 76,10 €.

To visit by train everything that Cartagena has to offer is a great way to start and finish the visit in Cartagena, as you know, it is usually cheaper to book train tickets, either to Cartagena or any other point in Spain, doing it in advance and selecting a return ticket, however, our search engine will always give you the best option and the best rates.

Don't miss the visit to the Town Hall, the Regional Museum of Modern Art, known as Muram nor the Arsenal Gate, from only 1,25 € book your train journey to Cartagena, something that visitors coming from Madrid use to do, in their case, the prices for the train tickets Madrid - Cartagena are from 15,40 € up to 72,30 €, and between both localities there are 392 Km covered in travelling times of 4 hours 52 minutes and 4 hours 16 minutes. The Altaria train is cheaper on this route than the Alvia train, and the most economically advantageous for the departures and arrivals is to leave at 18:53 h to arrive at the station of Cartagena at 23:45 h.


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