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Trains Calahorra

Cheap train tickets to Calahorra

Route Price
Trains Zaragoza to Calahorra 6,50 €
Trains Madrid to Calahorra 20,30 €
Trains Barcelona to Calahorra 43,95 €
Trains Alfaro to Calahorra 3,30 €
Trains Logrono to Calahorra 3,25 €
Trains Miranda De Ebro to Calahorra 15,40 €
Trains Castejón De Ebro to Calahorra 3,30 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 20/12/2020
  • Renfe Alvia 26/12/2020
  • Renfe Alvia 28/12/2020
  • Renfe Media Distancia 20/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 19/12/2020
  • Renfe Alvia 19/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 24/12/2020
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More information about trains Calahorra

If you decide to travel by train to Calahorra, congratulations, from our website you access to the cheapest train seats to Calahorra that exist, and we will comment you in addition to different alternatives and prices to travel by train to Calahorra, the most interesting places to visit after travelling by train to Calahorra.

Calahorra is a municipality in La Rioja, specifically in the district of Rioja Baja, and after Logroño, it is the most important city in La Rioja.

Calahorra is an ideal destination for all ages and for all tastes. Calahorra has a lot of art to offer, but if you want to go beyond that, you can seize the opportunity and enjoy two great occasions a year for your train trip to Calahorra, in early March, when the first patron saint festivities are held, and at the end of August, when the latter festivities are celebrated. In both occasions we will enjoy of peñas and peñistas (clubs and members of a supporters' club), charangas (festive mood music), free tastings, concerts, fireworks and much more.

You should also know that the Holy Week in Calahorra is of National Tourist Interest, and a weekend before the start of these religious holidays they celebrate Mercaforum in Calahorra, a very interesting medieval market.

You can book your train tickets to Calahorra from now on, and for amounts between 2,35 € and 70,30 € you can reach very relaxed the train station in Calahorra, in Plaza de la Estación., to the north east of the centre of Calahorra. This station opens the access to its platform the whole day, starting its reception of trains at 7:43 h and finishing them at 22:36 h. In the first case it is a train Alfaro - Calahorra, and in the second, a train Bilbao - Calahorra.

The station of Calahorra is a train station with a lot of activity and of all the types of trains that pass and stop in Calahorra, the REG.EXP. type are the cheapest ones, and the Alvia type, the less cheap.

This station has been active since August of 1863, when the stretch of the rail road between Castejón and Orduña was opened, and it is a complete and very used railway station, with comprehensive services such as postal services, toilets, outdoor parking, adapted services for the disabled, car rental, waiting room, banking services, etc.

The station of Rincón de Soto is the closest station to Calahorra, and the station of Barcelona is the farthest one to Calahorra, in the first instance they are separated for 12.8 Km and in the second, 355.2 Km, considering that they are localities linked by train with Calahorra.

And the locality that has cheaper prices for your train travel to Calahorra is Rincón de Soto, because to make the route Rincón de Soto - Calahorra by train, with the train passages Rincón de Soto - Calahorra from our website, it only costs 2,35 €. In the opposite case, we have the route Barcelona - Calahorra, whose train tickets cost 70,30 €.

Did you know that travelling on REG.EXP. trains to Calahorra is the cheapest means of transportation that exists? However, the Alvia trains are normally the most expensive ones, but never above the 70,30 €.

And did you know that it is cheaper to travel by train to Calahorra in the mañana than in the tarde? Specifically, the arrival to Calahorra by train at 7:50 h is the cheapest of all the arrivals that exist, and on the contrary, the arrival time to Calahorra at 19:04 h, usually equals or approaches the top price on our website, the 70,30 €.

Visit from 2,35 € the Sanctuary of Carmen, the Hermitage of la Concepción, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Episcopal Palace, the Sanctuary of Carmen, the Parish Church of Santiago Apóstol, the Parish Church of San Andrés, The Roman remains, the old town of Calahorra, the Rollo Jurisdiccional and many other interesting places that are waiting for you in Calahorra.


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