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Children under the age of 4 who do not wish to occupy a place, therefore they will not be entitled to a seat, they can travel without a ticket accompanied by an adult.
Children under the age of 4 who occupy a seat
Children under the age of 4 will also have the possibility of occupying a seat, therefore having a seat with the ticket means that it will not be for free but it will get a discount for children.
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Children under the age of 12 will get discounts on their tickets and cheaper train tickets, discounts are usually 40% of the basic fare of the ticket.
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Children of 12 or 13 years will get discounts on their tickets and cheaper train tickets, discounts are usually 40% of the basic fare of the ticket.

Trains Cadiz to Utrera

Train Cadiz to Utrera

Lead when it comes to finding the lowest prices on train tickets Cadiz - Utrera. We have the train ticket Cadiz Utrera best suited to your needs, so that you travel the 85 Km there is between Cadiz and Utrera with the certainty that you are doing it in the best conditions. There appear new kinds of tourists, but for all of them, there are cheap train tickets Cadiz - Utrera. Trains Utrera with Media Distancia for only 8,40 €.

Our desire is that you travel to Utrera in the cheapest and fastest way possible, for this, we have a few recommendations to make and if you follow them, you can be sure that you are booking the train tickets Cadiz Utrera you need. Don’t let your travel to Utrera weaken your economy at all, do it with our train tickets Cadiz - Utrera.

We move between different prices and different time of travel when you consult and book the train tickets Cadiz - Utrera, in relation to the prices we offer you them from 8,40 € up to 14,00 €, being the average of about 10,44 €. And the maximum time for the train that departs from Cádiz and leaves us at Utrera is in a duration of about 1 hour 12 minutes and 1 hour 21 minutes, the average is about 1 hour 17 minutes of travel. Check the lowest prices for your train travel departing from the station Cádiz. Also for the return, Trains Utrera to Cadiz.

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Trains Cadiz to Utrera

Distance: 85 Km
Average length: 1 hour 17 minutes
Average speed: 65.8 km/h
Price of the cheapest ticket: 8,40 €
Average ticket price: 10,44 €
Price of the expensive ticket: 14,00 €

The cheapest train ticket Cadiz to Utrera

The search for the train ticket from Cadiz to Utrera with the cheapest price was made on the a las h, it is a Media Distancia train with departure on the 11/12/2019 a las 5:40 h and arrival on the 11/12/2019 a las 7:01 h. The price of the cheapest ticket has been 8,40 € and the cheapest rate with which this price has been possible has been the rate Niño Ida .

Renfe official ticket from Tren Cadiz to Utrera

Billete Tren Cadiz  Utrera 12/08/2016 issues official Tren Cadiz Utrera tickets and it does totally legally as a verified and authorised travel agency by Renfe, ie if you buy a Tren Cadiz Utrera ticket through our website, you only need to print the ticket or to show the bidi code sent to the mobile phone, present it at the Cádiz station and get on the train you have got assigned.

This is a real example of a Cadiz Utrera ticket issued by

On it you can see the ticket number 7711500678653, the locator C4CYRZ, the origin and destination stations, in this case the train travels from Cádiz to Utrera. The railway operator Renfe, the train type MD, the train number 13021 and the rail car 005. The contracted rate {{tarifaN}} in Turista class, the assigned seat 233, the price for the ticket, this Cadiz Utrera train ticket is not necessarily the cheapest ticket since the price of the train ticket often depends on the time in advance with which you bought the ticket. In this case the price is 8,15€ and the departure date is 12/08/2016. The train departure time of this ticket is at 20:40 h and the arrival of this train at the Utrera station is at 21:55 h. The duration of the journey from Cádiz to Utrera has been 1 hora 15 minutos.

Cheap train tickets Cadiz to Utrera

  • Origin Destination Train Date Price
  • Cádiz Utrera Media Distancia 11/12/2019 8,40 €
  • Cádiz Utrera Media Distancia 15/12/2019 14,00 €

Trains from Cadiz to Utrera, stations, prices and schedules

Enlarge map Trains Cadiz to Utrera Well, the trains Cadiz - Utrera that cost 8,40 € take 1 hour 19 minutes to enter into the train station in Utrera, and the trains whose ticket costs 14,00 € offer us a travel of 1 hour 21 minutes. Control your spending travelling with the cheapest train tickets Cadiz -Utrera. All the timetables for trains from Cadiz to Utrera on the link Train Timetables Cadiz to Utrera.

The trains that make the route Cadiz - Utrera in the fastest way (either because it has fewer intermediate stations or because the type of train allows to go at greater speed) that is to say, in only 1 hour 12 minutes, have a price of 8,40 € and on the other hand, the train that takes 1 hour 21 minutes to transport us from Cadiz to Utrera has a cost of 8,40 €. We specialize in the cheapest train tickets, both to Utrera and any other locality.

Knowing the best departure times, train types and the advantages of each, etc., is also very useful when booking trains Cadiz Utrera, because booking train tickets Cadiz - Utrera for ida and doing it in Turista class will lower the price of your train tickets Cadiz - Utrera, the opposite would happen if you choose on travelling in Turista class and with train tickets Cadiz - Utrera for ida. A pleasant journey? Do it for very little money and the tranquillity of travelling by train with our train tickets Cadiz - Utrera.

Try that the departure from Cádiz is in the evening and still better if it can be for a train that departs at 15:40 h, it’s the best departure time for our pocket. On we like to share the best tips for you to save on your train tickets Cadiz - Utrera.


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