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Trains Caceres

Cheap train tickets to Caceres

Route Price
Trains Plasencia to Caceres 3,25 €
Trains Madrid to Caceres 17,15 €
Trains Seville to Caceres 19,70 €
Trains Montijo to Caceres 6,55 €
Trains Leganes to Caceres 24,85 €
Trains Mérida to Caceres 7,60 €
Trains Navalmoral De La Mata to Caceres 11,75 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 22/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 07/01/2021
  • Renfe Media Distancia 09/01/2021
  • Renfe Media Distancia 23/12/2020
  • Renfe Intercity 19/12/2020
  • Renfe Media Distancia 19/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 21/12/2020
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More information about trains Caceres

In the autonomous community of Extremadura there are the cities Cáceres and Badajoz, Cáceres is the biggest and most populated city in Extremadura.

Cáceres has a monumental and artistic complex that is unique throughout Europe, which makes it extremely attractive to tourism, and is that, for example, inside the walls of Cáceres there is the compilation of the most relevant architectural works, both civil and religious, of the time of the Spanish Renaissance, being the majority of them of the XIV, XV and XVI centuries, all this and more is what a city like Cáceres offers, the city of Cáceres was declared National Monument in 1949 and in the in 1986, Unesco declared this walled city as a World Heritage Site.

We can look further back into history than the fourteenth century in Cáceres since there are also remains of the Upper Palaeolithic that are believed to be one of the first human settlements in Cáceres, they are found in the Cave of Maltravieso, we can also find remains of the first Roman settlement, Arab walls, palaces, churches, mansions, convents, the second largest cistern in the world.

Furthermore, the tourist who travels to Cáceres and needs accommodation, will find a varied offer, for all budgets and for all tastes. As well as the train travel to Cáceres that we offer you on are for all pockets, always and exclusively at the cheapest rates to save on the journey to Cáceres, and to be able to enjoy more of your holiday destinations.

Good connoisseurs of the cheap prices for the train travel to Cáceres are the tourists from Plasencia, because the route Plasencia - Cáceres is the most used of all those that go to the station of Cáceres.

Your train journey to Cáceres will end at Cáceres train station, located at Avenida Juan Pablo II nº 6, it is not one of the most central train stations, as the vast majority of Spanish train stations are very close to the centre of its cities, it’s not the case of Cáceres, but the station is perfectly well connected with the centre of Cáceres by intercity buses and taxis. Furthermore, the train station of Cáceres has services of car rental as well as parking.

Along the train station of Cáceres, trains run from 8:55 h until 22:49 h, the train at 8:55 h arrives from Almendralejo and the one at 22:49 h does it from Valencia de Alcántara.

It’s interesting to book seats on trains to Cáceres knowing that the routes in the noche are cheaper than those in the tarde. In order to reduce the amount of the price for train travel to Cáceres, we have to reach Cáceres at 22:49 h which is the cheapest arrival time, and at 20:03 h, is the less inexpensive arrival time to the train station in Cáceres.

Schedules apart, the ones who have the station of Cáceres nearer, are the passengers who travel from Cañaveral, because it only is separated by 36.5 Km, and the ones who have much distance ahead are those travelling on the trains 252.7 Km – Cáceres, with 252.7 Km between both locations.

Those who have the easiest way to travel cheap by train to Cáceres are the users of the route Cañaveral – Cáceres, because if they make that route on a REG.EXP. train and they also arrive at 22:49 h in Cáceres, it is sure that they will pay the lowest price of all the existing travels to Cáceres, being this price of 2,50 €.

The less cheap train to Cáceres is under the following circumstances: to make the route Madrid – Cáceres on a Intercity train, which is the less cheap of all the trains that go to Cáceres, and arrive at 20:03 h, which we had already commented that it is the least economically arrival time. In this way the trip on a train from Madrid to Cáceres costs 41,40 €.


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