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Trains Badajoz

Cheap train tickets to Badajoz

Route Price
Trains Mérida to Badajoz 5,40 €
Trains Madrid to Badajoz 25,45 €
Trains Montijo to Badajoz 4,15 €
Trains Villanueva De La Serena to Badajoz 10,80 €
Trains Don Benito to Badajoz 6,50 €
Trains Castuera to Badajoz 8,45 €
Trains Guadiana Del Caudillo to Badajoz 3,30 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 19/12/2020
  • Renfe Intercity 29/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 20/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 19/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 17/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 21/12/2020
  • Renfe REG.EXP. 21/12/2020
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More information about trains Badajoz

Badajoz, in Extremadura, has numerous tourist attractions relevant to the history of Extremadura and Spain. Also, in Badajoz there are a lot of fairs and festivals, and on special dates like Carnival or Ester, many people from all over Spain travel to Badajoz, usually with 100% hotel occupancy.

And more and more frequently the train is the means of transport chosen to travel to Badajoz, its train station is located in Avenida Carolina Coronado, s/n and its opening hours is from 06.00 to 23.00, it receives the first train of the day that is a train that makes the route Alcazar de San Juan - Badajoz and that appears at the station at 8:41 h, and the last train that receives the station of Badajoz comes from Manzanares and enters the station of Badajoz at 22:32 h.

Among the museums, monuments and spaces most relevant to tourism in Albacete for its artistic and cultural value, we find the Provincial Archaeological Museum with more than 15.000 exhibited pieces, mainly belonging to pieces found in the province of Badajoz and whose antiquity goes from the Prehistoric times until the fourteenth century, among these remains there are exposed tombstones of the kings of Taifa in Badajoz, Roman mosaics, warrior steles, prehistoric hand axes and Visigoth pilasters.

The visitors who are closest by train to the city of Badajoz are those from Guadiana Del Caudillo since they are only separated from Badajoz for 25.5 Km, and those that have more distance ahead are those that come from Madrid because from Madrid there are 328.6 Km to Badajoz. But tourists who visit Badajoz by train do so from all over Spain, there is also a lot of Portuguese tourism since the train station of Badajoz is very close to the border with Portugal.

From both Guadiana Del Caudillo and Madrid the tourists also visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Badajoz, which has works by the painter Luis de Morales, the Divine, from the sixteenth century. There are also beautiful sixteenth century flamenco tapestries, singers, Filipino ivories, etc.

Luis de Morales is so important in the artistic heritage of Badajoz that it has its own museum, the so-called City Museum "Luis de Morales".

Other museums that visit many people is the Carnival and the Extremadura and Iberoamerican Museum of Contemporary Art.

Most visitors that come by train to Badajoz, that also if they book their trips by train on our website, they are doing it at the cheapest prices, come from Mérida, being therefore the itinerary in train Mérida - Badajoz most requested by Spanish users and tourists. The cheapest price we have for the train trip $origenTrenRutaMasTransitada- Badajoz is of 5,40 € to travel in 40 minutes the 55 Km and to travel them on a comfortable REG.EXP. train, that departs from the train station from Mérida to Badajoz at 15:25 h, and enters in the station of Badajoz in Avenida Carolina Coronado at 16:05 h.

You will find the train tickets origenTrenRutaMasTransitada - Badajoz on our website for 17,70 € at most, the journey for 17,70 € is on Intercity trains and the time we will spend on the $tipoTrenPrecioMaximoRutaMasTransitadaorigenTrenRutaMasTransitada - Badajoz train is of 39 minutes.

The cheapest route of all the trains to Badajoz and thus to visit the Tower of the Watchtower or the Alpendiz, commonly known as Espantaperros, the first public square of Badajoz, Plaza Alta, the Puerta de las Palmas, the Giraldilla building that reproduces in part the Giralda of Seville, the Arabian Alcazaba which is an Historic Artistic Monument from 1931 as well as the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, is the route $origenTrenPrecioMinimo- Badajoz because the price of its ticket can be from 3,25 € and the journey starts at the train station of Garrovilla on a REG.EXP. train that at 10:00 h sharp will be entering in the station of Badajoz.


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