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AVE Zaragoza

More about the AVE Zaragoza

The city of Zaragoza is known, among other things, for its historical beauty and the basilica of Pilar. Its geographical location facilitates the visit, especially since the AVE was launched.

The AVE went into operation at Zaragoza Delicias station in 2003 and its use continues to increase. Since its inauguration, the number of routes has been increasing and now we can reach Zaragoza through the AVE from different locations, for example from Barcelona, ??Seville, Antequera, etc.

This train station, called Zaragoza Delicias, was opened with great enthusiasm in May 2003 and in a few months it would bring the line that would link Madrid with Zaragoza. It was a station that did not take long to become one of the busiest train stations in all of Spain.

The station is wide and offers services of both Medium Distance and High Speed. In addition, it shares enclosure with the bus station. Its architecture is highly attractive and the view from the outside is impressive. It has a rather imposing character.

Delicias Zaragoza

The architects who were in charge to realize this work rail were Carlos Ferrater and Jose Maria Valero, with Felix Arranz and Elena Mateu. It has 10 tracks, some of Iberian width and others adapted for high speed lines, that is, of international width.

It is said that in the first instance, they wanted to build a Museum of the Aragon Railway within the same railway station, but for now, this wish has not been fulfilled.

Another element to emphasize to the proximities of the station is the Gateway of Delicias. It is a pedestrian bridge linking the station Delicias and the neighbourhood of La Almozara and this bridge was built between 2007 and 2008 for the Expo 2008. This massive construction was funded by the Zaragoza High Speed ??Society and it is a work of the engineer Juan José Arenas. The bridge has a total of 240 meters.

From the station you can easily reach any place, as it is very well connected with the rest of the city by bus, as well as intercity buses if you need to go to a more rural location.

Zaragoza offers several interesting tourist attractions as well as good restaurants and avenues to walk around. It is the fifth largest city in Spain. In it we find remains of past civilizations, especially of the Roman Empire. You can visit the thermal baths, the Roman theatre, the Roman wall, etc. If you are interested in the subject, there are routes through the Roman Caesaragusta in which you will be told many attractive stories. The city does not only contain Roman heritage but it also mixes with many other cultures: the Muslim, Jewish and Christian legacy. The city is full of museums, culturally prepared to meet different kinds of interests. One can highlight the Pablo Gargallo Museum dedicated to the work of the Aragonese sculptor Pablo Gargallo.

Another museum to highlight is the History Centre of Zaragoza in the old convent of San Agustín. In it, we see the historical-cultural development of the convent, where archaeological evidence of Iberian, Roman and Muslim culture has been found. It became after that the convent of San Agustín. Later, it was converted into the Quarters of Military Intendency. It was established there around the 19th century. Its monuments also portray the cultural diversity of this city.


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