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AVE Malaga to Madrid

Madrid Puerta de Atocha Station

Located in the railway complex of Atocha station in Madrid, near the Emperador Carlos V site, you will find the Madrid – Puerta de Atocha railway station. This station is in charge of receiving High-Speed ??and Long Distance trains. Commter trains (Cercanías) stop at the Atocha - Cercanías train station.

This railway complex was built between 1985 and 1992, when the revolutionary line of the High Speed ??train that joined the cities of Madrid and Seville arrived. Before its construction, there was only one station, the Estación de Mediodía, but this one was replaced by two stations, the exisiting Atocha Cercanías and Puerta de Atocha.

estación de madrid puerta de atocha

Around the year 2000, the railway complex underwent some renovation works, all with the aim of increasing its capacity, since the number of users, mainly High-Speed train users, did not stop growing.

During the first years, the station shared routes of the conventional network and of standard gauge, but over the time the Iberian and conventional routes have been replaced by standard gauge tracks routes, those used in the network for high-speed. The same happened with the electrification, which was gradually adapted to the High Speed ??lines.

The Madrid Puerta de Atocha railway station, besides being the most important of the city of Madrid in terms of rail traffic, has some great attractions, which will make our trip wonderful since the very beginning.

In addition to the good services, it has an impressive Tropical Garden, with more than 500 species of flora and fauna. In other words, we have got a little ecosystem inside the station of Atocha. In addition to that, thanks to its wonderful connections of metro or bus, we can move to any point of the city in the simplest way. The Madrid Puerta de Atocha railway station is the ideal place to start or end your trips.

More about the AVE Málaga Madrid

The AVE train line between the cities of Madrid and Malaga was put into operation in December 2007. It started operating 86 times a week traffic and considerably improving the journey time, from four hours to about two and hours and forty minutes. Its implementation was carried out with the aim of reaching two million travellers in a year or even more.

It is one of the national lines considered of high speed and long distance. These AVE trains depart from the Málaga María Zambrano station and arrive at Madrid Puerta de Atocha station.

Trenes AVE Málaga Madrid

At the beginning, 22 trains circulated daily, 11 in each direction. On Fridays, the day with more demand, they extended it up to 26 trains, 13 per direction. During the weekends there were between 9 and 10 trains per direction. Some of the trains made the direct trip, that is to say, without making stops in the intermediate stations, while others had to stop in intermediate stations.

Since its implementation, it has obtained magnificent occupancy rates, almost a 80% in the first trip that was made. Its start-up also meant doubling the number of seats on the Talgo 200 trains that were around 25,000 seats.

The arrival of the AVE Málaga Madrid meant to reduce the travel time compared to the conventional trains in an hour and 37 minutes, going from the more than 4 hours route to just over two hours.

In the beginning, the AVE Málaga Madrid trains circulated at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour, reducing the speed in tunnels and dangerous areas. They had a capacity of 310 until 397 seats, divided into three classes, Tourist, Bussiness and Club. The arrival of the AVE trains to the city of Malaga was a great stimulus in the economy of the province, since its tourism grew considerably, but also its business and financial axes.

Over the years, traveling has become very simple, and this has been possible thanks to the enormous advances of the means of transport. Since the first high-speed train service was put into operation, we are struggling to achieve improvements in its services. In addition, the rail network continues to expand throughout our country, and even abroad, Spain has one of the best rail networks at European level.


The AVE trains are considered the second most punctual in the world, only surpassed by the high-speed trains in Japan. The reason why Spanish high-speed trains are among the most punctual trains is that they travel on specific lines for high speed, so we already have one more reason to opt for AVE trains as a means of transport during our travels.

Moreover, in addition to all these advantages, the main AVE trains have many departure times, which helps to cover all people’s travelling needs and that more and more people choose AVE trains as a means of transport.

In the AVE trains that connect the cities of Malaga and Madrid we can find a great number of available schedules, and the same happens if the trip is made in return, in addition, as all AVE lines, they have incredible punctuality rates, almost a 100% in punctuality.

More information about the AVE Málaga Madrid

The journey from Malaga María Zambrano station to Madrid Atocha station only steals us approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes from our time. However, it will never be wasted time. The time that a passenger spends in this high-speed train makes it advancing at spectacular speeds whose average speed is 153km/h and at the same time doing what he likes. In the comfortable seats of the train you can rest, listen to music, watch a movie, read, etc. Also, if you feel like stretching your legs, you can get up whenever you want and even go for a drink in the train cafeteria and read the newspaper.

AVE Madrid Atocha interior

As soon as you arrive in Madrid you just have to pick up your luggage, which will always be next to you and in a few minutes you can enjoy the centre of Madrid. The tour could start directly at the Atocha station, as it is a station with a very interesting architecture and after the remodelling in 1992, it has got a very nice lobby.

The lobby is where the railroad tracks and platforms used to be, but with the arrival of the AVE this station was radically altered, always with a desire for improvement. The remodeling was carried out by the architect Rafael Moneo, who did a spectacular job. The old tracks were covered with tropical plants and it became a tropical garden that you would not expect in a train station. This garden is very well kept and serves as a waiting room. It is also an excellent place when traveling with children as they will be able to see, in addition to exotic plants and flowers, animals. There are Florida turtles and goldfish in the ponds at the front of the garden.

Madrid Atocha jardín tropical 1


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