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AVE Madrid to Palencia

Trains AVE from Madrid to Palencia

AVE is a means of transportation for all ages. Among our prices, so low as possible for your tickets AVE Madrid Palencia and the speed and comfort in your travel AVE, to consider the option for travel Madrid - Palencia is the best option that exists. Reach Palencia at ease and relaxed. The timetables for AVE from Madrid to Palencia on AVE schedules Madrid to Palencia.

Make a journey by AVE Madrid Palencia really comfortably and from the moment you get on the AVE in Madrid, until you reach Palencia, place yourself on your seat and enjoy relaxing or seizing the opportunity to finish some work. Your AVE tickets Madrid Palencia for today or for whenever you need them. Equally, for the return, AVE Palencia Madrid.

Depending on the departure timing and on the intermediate stops, the journey is prolonged about1 hour 18 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes. If you need to be as soon as possible in Palencia, or you chose the first AVE departure from Madrid to Palencia of the day, which is at 9:35 h and leaves us at Palencia at 11:02 h, or the last one of the day if we have accommodation and we have to be very early in the morning in a place in Palencia and then seize the whole day in Palencia, this last opportunity of the day of travelling from Madrid to Palencia is at 20:25 h and the arrival will be at 21:50 h. We suggest you travel in Turista class for this journey, because it is the one that offers better prices.

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AVE Madrid - Palencia

Distance: 190 Km
Average length: 1 hour 25 minutes
Average speed: 86.3 km/h
Price of the cheapest ticket: 12,25 €
Average ticket price: 26,23 €
Price of the expensive ticket: 55,30 €

The cheapest AVE Madrid Palencia ticket

The search for the AVE train ticket from Madrid to Palencia for the best price was made on the a las h, it is a AV City train with departure on the 24/10/2019 a las 9:35 h and arrival on the 24/10/2019 a las 11:05 h. The price of the cheapest ticket has been 12,25 € and the cheapest rate possible for this ticket has been the Promo fare.

Cheap AVE Madrid Palencia tickets

  • Origin Destination Train Date Price
  • Madrid Palencia AV City 24/10/2019 12,25 €
  • Madrid Palencia AV City 27/10/2019 14,30 €
  • Madrid Palencia AV City 20/09/2019 16,30 €
  • Madrid Palencia AV City 03/11/2019 16,30 €
  • Madrid Palencia AVE 12/10/2019 16,60 €
  • Madrid Palencia AVE 07/10/2019 17,00 €

AVE from Madrid to Palencia, stations, prices and schedules

Enlarge map AVE Madrid to Palencia On the other side, if we only want to reduce the travelling time and cover with as less time as possible the 190 Km that separates Madrid from Palencia, the time in which you will spare more travelling time is the one at 20:25 h, which is only of 1 hour 18 minutes and leaves us punctually at 21:43 h in Palencia. Did you know that dreaming about the AVE means a positive change in your life? Like finding the cheapest AVE tickets Madrid Palencia on the Internet!

In case we prefer saving money through the tickets for AVE Madrid Palencia, the most convenient departure time is at 9:35 h and the less convenient at 20:25 h. In the first case, the price of tickets for AVE Madrid - Palencia is the lowest possible, only for 12,25 €, however, in the second case, the cost of the tickets for AVE Madrid Palencia is of 55,30 €. Do you have a trip in mind? Check our prices in tickets AVE Madrid - Palencia.

If apart of this, we select the tickets for AVE from Madrid to Palencia in Turista class and of ida, or we avoid, at least, AVE tickets Madrid Palencia in Preferente class and of ida, we will carry on saving in the price for the tickets AVE from Madrid to Palencia. You can improve everything, even the price of tickets AVE Madrid - Palencia!

More about the AVE Madrid Palencia

The route from Madrid Chamartín to Palencia will only take an hour and a half. The High Speed ??arrived for the first time in Palencia in 2015. For the day of its inauguration, the president of the government and the Minister of Development travelled by AVE and in Palencia, they went off and added a plaque commemorating the arrival of the High Speed ??in Palencia. Then they continued the route to León.

With this new connection, Spanish High Speed ??has made a significant progress in the history of the railway: it exceeds 3,000 km of network and it is, after China, the longest high-speed rail in the world.

The station of Palencia is also known as Estación del Norte and it is located near the centre, next to the bus station and the Jardinillos de la Estación.

AVE Palencia Catedral


Since 1860 Palencia offers rail services. A very simple station was constructed to be able to connect Alar del Rey with Venta de Baños, passing through Palencia. Later, when Palencia was connected to León to be able to unite, in a future, Palencia with Galicia, in 1875 another structure was built, this time less austere, and it was built near the existing station. It was already in 2014 when several remodels and improvements were made in the station to adapt the platforms, the tracks and the station in general for the arrival of the high speed in Palencia. The LAV line Madrid-Segovia-Valladolid was extended to also give continuity to the line LAV Palencia León and Asturias.

The architectural style of the station is a classic U-shaped French style. The passenger building is 2two-storey although only one is used, the ground floor. This is where you will find various services such as cafeteria, information booths and ticket sales and kiosk. Although it is a small station, it is a frequented station and it shows great activity in its tracks.

Arriving at the station, after traveling from Madrid Chamartín to Palencia Estació del Nord, you can visit the Jardinillos of the station or you can go directly to the centre where you can visit an endless number of historical monuments. The Cathedral of Palencia, the Convent of San Francisco and the Market of Palencia are just some of the most emblematic sites that a city like Palencia will offer you.


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