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AVE Figueres

Cheap AVE Figueres tickets

Route Price
AVE Barcelona to Figueres 13,45 €
AVE Madrid to Figueres 40,80 €
AVE Girona to Figueres 7,40 €
AVE Toulouse to Figueres 29,00 €
AVE Tarragona to Figueres 41,75 €
AVE Paris to Figueres 29,00 €
AVE Lyon to Figueres 44,70 €
  • Railway Operator Train Date
  • Renfe Avant 21/12/2020
  • Renfe AVE 25/12/2020
  • Renfe Avant 21/12/2020
  • Renfe AVE-TGV 12/07/2020
  • Renfe AVE 21/12/2020
  • Renfe AVE-TGV 31/12/2020
  • Renfe AVE-TGV 15/12/2020
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More information about AVE Figueres

Figueres, in Girona, neighbouring France, is the most important border town with France in Catalonia, given its geographical location it is a very well communicated city through the AVE.

If you want to travel to Figueres and you want to do it inexpensively, quickly and comfortably, don't hesitate, just book your AVE Figueres tickets now and get them with the best deals available.

Figueres, the birthplace of Dalí, offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities that make it an ideal destination for a getaway.

Amongst its cultural and monumental heritage, we can highlight its old medieval walls, numerous examples of neoclassical and modernist architecture, the castle of Sant Ferran, the old Jewish quarter, the Rambla and much more.

If you like modernist art, in Figueres you will find the Casa Salleras, Casa Cusí and Casa Puig-Soler, and if you prefer neoclassical art, visit with your AVE Figueres tickets Casa del Cafè Progrés, Casa Bonaterra and Casa Polideseia.

As an example of religious architecture we can highlight the church of Sant Pere near the Museum of Dalí, of Gothic style, with a single nave. Similar to this we have the parish Church of San Pedro.

Just out of curiosity, it is worth mentioning that in Figueres there is the Toy Museum of Catalonia on the rambla de Figueres, with more than 4,000 toys of yesteryear such as puppets, cars, trains, Meccanos®, steam engines, costumes, soldiers, robots, scooters, etc.

Figueres is connected through the AVE with different locations in Catalonia with AVE Barcelona Figueres tickets, AVEs departing at 09.45, 12.44, 14.50, 15.40, 17.23, 17.37, 18.50, 19.25, and with a late service at 21.30.

The tickets AVE Girona Figueres are also very cheap and with the following schedules to choose: 10.26, 13.23, 15.29, 16.19, 18.04, 18.16, 19.29, 20.04 and the last AVE Girona Figueres leaves at 22.09.

Our search engine has also found the best prices on AVE Tarragona Figueres tickets, where in addition to the best offers, we have the following departure times to Figueres Vilafant: 11.59, 13.51, 14.05, 15.31, 16.23, 18.05, 18.44 and the last AVE Tarragona Figueres is at 20.45.

And finally in Catalonia, but not in Spain, we have cheap AVE Lleida Figueres tickets and at these departure times for the route Lleida Figueres by AVE: 11.31, 13.22, 13.37, 14.31 and at 17.37.

And for the rest of Spain outside the autonomous community of Catalonia, we have the most wanted offers on AVE Madrid Figueres tickets, AVE Zaragoza Figueres tickets, AVE Calatayud Figueres tickets and AVE Guadalajara Figueres tickets. Only on you access the best offers, lowest prices and all the information necessary to get the lowest price on your AVE Figueres tickets, whatever the destination of departure, you have the best rates on your AVE tickets Figueres.

More and more people choose the AVE to Figueres to visit this beautiful town full of art and as a result, we have more AVE trains to Figueres.

More about the AVE Figueres

The AVE station in Figueres is called Figueres Vilafant and it has been providing high-speed services since 2010. One of the reasons why this station is of prime importance to the traveller is that it acts as a border station for high-speed between France and Spain. It is close to the city centre of Figueres, only about 2 km away.

Figueres Vilafant 1

The station is small but its measures are sufficient according to the number of passengers that go on and off in Figueres Vilafant. In addition, it has all the services that a high-speed line should need.

A route to point out is the one that starts in Madrid and ends in Figueres, it only takes 4 hours to arrive, an unimaginable time before the arrival of the AVE. The best thing is that you will not realize how fast you travel until you arrive and check that your watch marks the expected arrival time.

The station was inaugurated in 1965 and it replaced the existing station in 1877. It offers services of Long and Medium Distance, is property of ADIF and it is near the urban centre. The first section was the one between Girona - Figueres in 1877 for the line that was going to unite Barcelona with the French Border. The works were commissioned by private companies until 1941, when it was agreed that RENFE would take care of the facilities.

The building for travellers is austere and functional. The track section consists of 9 tracks and 3 platforms. Each track is covered by its own canopy. Inside the building for travellers you will find the characteristic services of a railway station like cafes, toilets, ticket sales, etc.

From Figueres Vilafant you can continue to Perpignan via a private international railway linking the Spanish and French railways. The line also consists of a tunnel of 8.3 km that uses the train to cross the border through the Pyrenees.



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