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AVE Figueres to Paris

Trains AVE from Figueres to Paris

Did you know that the AVE contaminates much less than an aeroplane or, proportionally, than the car? Some of the advantages of travelling by AVE from Figueres to Paris stand out, such as the speed of travel and the fact of not having to register luggage (nor having to run the risk of loosing it) or the punctuality that characterises high speed. With these prices for tickets AVE Figueres Paris you still feel more like travelling. Check the timetables for AVE from Figueres to Paris on, AVE schedules Figueres to Paris.

Other advantages of travelling by AVE from Figueres to Paris might not be so well-known. Did you know that a journey Figueres - Paris by bus can be more expensive than getting your tickets for AVE Figueres Paris? Apart from the lack of comfort while travelling by bus. Inside the AVE, you can stand up, walk, go to the bathroom whenever you need or use the coffee service. And it will leave you at Paris Gare De Lyon punctually and without any delay ¡you can start your visit in Paris! Reach Paris at ease and relaxed. Equally, for the return, AVE Paris Figueres.

If we offer you all this comfort and speed, for prices between 29,40 € and 194,30 €, carrying out the operation and the booking of your tickets for AVE Figueres Paris in an effective way and online. What do you say? This and more is what offers you, because apart from giving you the cheapest tickets for AVE Figueres - Paris, we give you some suggestions so that you can reduce the price so much as possible in your tickets for AVE Figueres - Paris on A pleasant journey? Do it for very little money and the tranquillity of travelling by AVE with our tickets AVE Figueres - Paris.

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AVE Figueres - Paris

Distance: 733 Km
Average length: 5 hours 33 minutes
Average speed: 131.8 km/h
Price of the cheapest ticket: 29,40 €
Average ticket price: 103,72 €
Price of the expensive ticket: 194,30 €

The cheapest AVE Figueres Paris ticket

The search for the AVE train ticket from Figueres to Paris for the best price was made on the a las h, it is a AVE-TGV train with departure on the 11/10/2019 a las 10:23 h and arrival on the 11/10/2019 a las 15:53 h. The price of the cheapest ticket has been 29,40 € and the cheapest rate possible for this ticket has been the Esencial - Niño fare.

Cheap AVE Figueres Paris tickets

  • Origin Destination Train Date Price
  • Figueres Vilafant Paris Gare De Lyon AVE-TGV 11/10/2019 29,40 €
  • Figueres Vilafant Paris Gare De Lyon AVE-TGV 18/10/2019 35,40 €
  • Figueres Vilafant Paris Gare De Lyon AVE-TGV 07/10/2019 39,00 €
  • Figueres Vilafant Paris Gare De Lyon AVE-TGV 19/10/2019 41,40 €
  • Figueres Vilafant Paris Gare De Lyon AVE-TGV 19/09/2019 47,40 €
  • Figueres Vilafant Paris Gare De Lyon AVE-TGV 20/10/2019 49,00 €

AVE from Figueres to Paris, stations, prices and schedules

Enlarge map AVE Figueres to Paris The most appropriate hour for travelling cheap by AVE from Figueres to Paris is the one at 10:23 h, leaving at this hour, we arrive in Paris at 15:53 h. At this time, thejourney is of 5 hours 30 minutes and costs the minimum amount we are able to offer, only 29,40 €. If you are tormented looking for tickets AVE Figueres Paris at the most competitive price... calm, you are where you should be!

In turn, we are going to travel in Segunda class instead of doing it in other classes, particularly, we have to avoid Primera class since it is the one which more raises the price of our tickets AVE Figueres Paris and when it is time of booking the tickets for AVE Figueres - Paris we will do it for ida instead of booking tickets for AVE Figueres Paris of ida. Travel by AVE from Figueres to Paris without spending too much.

AVE tickets from Figueres to Paris that transport us to Paris Gare De Lyon in 5 hours 27 minutes are for the quickest AVE Figueres Paris to make this route and its price is of 91,90 €. If for example, we travel with children and they get nervous, another advantage is that in the AVE, you can get up and walk, cradle, etc.

More about the AVE Figueres Paris

Between Figueres and Paris there is only one hop which are the Pyrenees Mountains. Do not worry, you won’t have to bounce but the AVE is going to do it for you and you will travel comfortably to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe without noticing the speed unless you check the clock. The average duration is 5 hours and 32 minutes and the distance to travel is 733 km. Look for the ticket that best suits your needs and do not think more, the Tour Eiffel is waiting for you!

After leaving the station of Figueres Vilafant, the station that was built especially for the high speed, and without having to change train, comfortably in the seat in the AVE, you will be able to see the landscapes and to recline your seat if you want to rest, to finally arrive at Paris Gare de Lyon with the AVE-TGV.

As soon as you get there it will be extremely easy to reach your final destination, because the station is well communicated by other public transport with the rest of the city. At the station you will find information points in case you need help. The Lyon station is one of the busiest one in France. Take your time to observe the facade and the Clock Tower, which is especially beautiful at night with its lighting.

It was during 1900, the year of the Universal Exposition in Paris, when its construction was finished. As such, it responds adequately to the architectural style of the moment. The station replaced the one that had previously stood there, of wood and that fulfilled its function like railway station from 1849. It was constructed by the "Compagnie des chemins de fer à Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée” (known as PLM). The station was small for the number of passengers it received and with the Universal Exhibition it was clear that it was necessary to create a new one.

AVE Paris Torre Eiffel

The French architect Marius Toudoire was commissioned to do so. The design stands out above all for the great clock tower that is viewed from the Place de Bastille. This tower, apart from being impressive on the outside, is also on the inside, as it hosts a magnificent and renowned restaurant called "Le Train Bleu" (the Blue Train). Before being called that way, it was called El Bufet de Gare de Lyon. Bufet? If you have the opportunity to enter, you will be surprised. It is not at all a normal "bufet" restaurant, it is impressive. Its interior is elegant and luxurious with film lighting. In addition, as decorative elements you will see mirrors and murals with images about Paris during the Universal Exhibition and also of landscapes of France that are seen from the train. Being there is like traveling in the past and enjoying a few moments in the Belle Époque of Paris.

The station consists of two lobbies, the one of the vestibule 1 and the vestibule 2. Hall 1 was the first and it houses the platforms from A to N and Hall 2 houses the platforms from 5 to 23. The Halls are two minutes’ walk from each other. There is also what is known as the lobby to buy tickets and where you will find other services.


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