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AVE Barcelona to Malaga

Trains AVE from Barcelona to Malaga

We offer both modest and luxury trips with our tickets AVE Barcelona - Malaga. Do you want to travel from Barcelona to Malaga? If you have got 5 hours 56 minutes you can do it because with our AVE trains you can make the route of 771 Km of distance there is from Barcelona to Malaga in only 5 hours 56 minutes. Things clear and the tickets to travel by AVE Barcelona - Malaga, cheap.

With AVE there are not excuses regarding time nor money to travel from Barcelona – Malaga because besides offering the fastest tickets, from we also offer the cheapest tickets for AVE Barcelona Malaga. Take advantage of the high speed and for 77,60 € you will arrive in the minimum possible time in Malaga. Equally, for the return, AVE Malaga Barcelona.

The prices for our tickets for AVE Barcelona – Malaga can start from only 77,60 € until 143,30 € per ticket at most. The prices vary according to the options of the route you choose, but they will never exceed the 143,30 € fixed as maximum price in any of our tickets for AVE. The best AVE tickets Barcelona Malaga, be it a planned trip or a last minute break, we have them. Check all the timetables for AVE from Barcelona to Malaga on AVE schedules Barcelona to Malaga.

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AVE Barcelona - Malaga

Distance: 771 Km
Average length: 5 hours 56 minutes
Average speed: 129.9 km/h
Price of the cheapest ticket: 77,60 €
Average ticket price: 114,44 €
Price of the expensive ticket: 143,30 €

The cheapest AVE Barcelona Malaga ticket

The search for the AVE train ticket from Barcelona to Malaga for the best price was made on the a las h, it is a AVE train with departure on the 03/11/2020 a las 15:50 h and arrival on the 03/11/2020 a las 21:46 h. The price of the cheapest ticket has been 77,60 € and the cheapest rate possible for this ticket has been the Yovoy fare.

Renfe official ticket from AVE Barcelona to Malaga

Billete AVE Barcelona  Malaga 04/04/2016 issues official AVE Barcelona Malaga tickets and it does totally legally as a verified and authorised travel agency by Renfe, ie if you buy a AVE Barcelona Malaga ticket through our website, you only need to print the ticket or to show the bidi code sent to the mobile phone, present it at the Barcelona Sants station and get on the train you have got assigned.

This is a real example of a Barcelona Malaga ticket issued by

On it you can see the ticket number 7442700619863, the locator NKJTYR, the origin and destination stations, in this case the train travels from Barcelona Sants to Málaga Maria Zambrano. The railway operator Renfe, the train type AVE, the train number 03992 and the rail car 004. The contracted rate Promo in Turista class, the assigned seat 05D, the price for the ticket, this Barcelona Malaga train ticket is not necessarily the cheapest ticket since the price of the train ticket often depends on the time in advance with which you bought the ticket. In this case the price is 35,04€ and the departure date is 04/04/2016. The train departure time of this ticket is at 15:50 h and the arrival of this train at the Málaga Maria Zambrano station is at 21:40 h. The duration of the journey from Barcelona Sants to Málaga Maria Zambrano has been 5 horas 50 minutos.

Cheap AVE Barcelona Malaga tickets

  • Origin Destination Train Date Price
  • Barcelona Málaga Maria Zambrano AVE 03/11/2020 77,60 €
  • Barcelona Málaga Maria Zambrano AVE 28/09/2020 89,55 €
  • Barcelona Málaga Maria Zambrano AVE 01/10/2020 93,15 €
  • Barcelona Málaga Maria Zambrano AVE 29/09/2020 107,50 €
  • Barcelona Málaga Maria Zambrano AVE 30/09/2020 119,40 €
  • Barcelona Málaga Maria Zambrano AVE 02/10/2020 143,30 €

AVE from Barcelona to Malaga, stations, prices and schedules

Enlarge map AVE Barcelona to Malaga So that the tickets for AVE Barcelona Malaga appear among the best offers, you can choose different options that give this possibility. Below, we are going to show you some steps to follow so that your tickets for AVE Barcelona – Malaga are very cheap. Summer, winter, autumn or spring, any season is good to make your trip by AVE to Malaga.

If you choose the ticket in the ida, it will always be cheaper than taking it in the ida. Hence, the first step to follow so that your ticket for AVE Barcelona -Malaga is cheap is taking the route in the ida. What are you waiting for getting on the AVE with its amazing prices? Tickets for AVE Barcelona Malaga for 143,30 € at most, book now!

Another good option for the tickets AVE Barcelona Malaga to have a good price is selecting the travel time in the evening. Normally, the tickets are cheaper if we travel in the evening than if we do in the evening.

So, the second step to follow is: Take the AVE ticket from Barcelona to Malaga to travel in the evening. The third step is related to the type of category you choose for your ticket for AVE Barcelona - Malaga. It is normal to believe that by travelling in economy class, the prices are cheaper, but often, companies launch offers to travel in Turista Plus class, because they are interested in filling as much seats as possible. In this case, for the ticket AVE Barcelona - Malaga, the type of category that is cheaper is the Turista class. However, the prices in the economy class go normally from 77,60 € up to 119,40 €, and the prices in Turista Plus class go from 93,15 € up to 143,30 €. Anyone who travels with our prices, repeats his or her purchase of tickets AVE Barcelona Malaga.

The durations of the routes of our AVE trains from Barcelona to Malaga can go from 5 hours 56 minutes up to 5 hours 56 minutes, but we tell you in advance, that the journey from Barcelona to Malaga which is cheaper makes the route in 5 hours 56 minutes. It does not matter if you travel in Turista class or in Turista Plus class, this can be the trip of your life.

More about the AVE Barcelona Málaga

If you want to travel from Barcelona to Málaga we offer you the best alternative, book your tickets for the AVE in the easiest way possible with our cheap train tickets search engine and the whole process, from the beginning to the end and it will be simple and comfortable. The journey time is approximately 5 hours and 36 minutes, so if you have that time, do not think about it any longer and travel!

The AVE will leave from Sants station in Barcelona and it will arrive at the María Zambrano station in Málaga. Málaga - María Zambrano station is the main station of this city, which is in Andalusia. This station is the second busiest station in Andalusia, after Sevilla - Santa Justa.

maria zambrano escala

This station has existed since 1862. It was built with the aim of bringing coal from Córdoba to feed the local ovens. Over the years, the station has been modernised and remodelled. Nevertheless, the pavilions are still conserved next to the main façade. These constructions are catalogued as a part of Cultural Interest Goods.

In 1863, a marquee was installed in the station by the engineer Antonio Arriate. In 2003, this marquee was removed, which caused an important controversy between several entities. This marquee was the first iron structure of this type erected in Málaga in the 19th century and has a great historical value for the Industrial Heritage. Fortunately, in 2015, the City of Málaga approved its restoration.

Another event took place in 2015 as well: the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the railroad in Málaga was celebrated. In 1865, the first railway line was put into service in Málaga, for the Málaga-Córdoba section. It was a very important fact for the development of the city. In addition, the Municipal Heritage Museum organized an exhibition that simulates the route from Córdoba to Málaga.


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